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At Small Products, we produce a range of high quality UV curable screen inks covering, varnishes, line colours, Tricomatic, Florescent and whole host of Speciality Inks.

We manufacture ink for PVC, Paper and board and for a wide range of other substrates such as glass and Polypropylene. We can produce most of these inks in an almost infinite range of finishes from Matt through to full Gloss.

In the unlikely event, if you are requiring a UV screen ink that doesn't fall within Small Products extensive standard range of products, and because of our flexible approach and production facilities, we will almost certainly be able to 'tailor-make' a product to suit your demands.

As well as Small Products extensive standard finished products and our ever increasing range of specialty inks, we also offer our Spectone system, which comprises of nine base colours plus Black, White and transparent base, which enables you to do your own colour matching.

With an ever increasing demand from advertisers, designers and printers like to come up with new and exciting ways to get the P.O.S message across to the end user. Small Products have developed and continue to develop a huge range of Specialty inks.

These include the following...

Thermochromic inks which can be warmed or chilled to reveal, or counsel a message, many different types of glitter inks, scratch 'n' sniff inks in a large range of different scents and aromas.Solar ink which changes colour when being moved from artificial light to daylight, and liquid silver which has the appearance of polished metal when printed on the right substrate. In fact if you have an idea but not the ink then talk to Small Products, and our knowledgeable, enthusiastic development team will make every effort to fulfill your wishes.

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Email: sales@smallproducts.co.uk