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TYPE OF INK - This is similar to water based heat active ink but limited to one colour, greyish black. This ink remains colour less till the room temperature of 60°C. At 60°C it changes colour,which is irreversible.

APPLICATION - On paper and board.

THINNERS - This ink is press ready, 2- 3% water if needed.

DRYING - By exposure to the atmosphere in racks (about 30 minutes) or by exposure to warm jet air. In some jet dryers cold air may be sufficient.

DRYING Time - By using a two-lamp machine at full power, belt speeds upto 25 metres per minute, can be achieved.

ADHESION - Good on paper and board.

MESH - The correct deposit of colour can be obtained using mesh sizes from 110T to 140T.

COVERAGE - Upto 45 square metres/litre can be obtained with 90T mesh. Upto 50 square metres/litre can be obtained with 120T mesh.

STENCILS - Water resistant stencils are essential. Direct emulsions or capillary type films give the best results.

CLEANING THE SCREEN - Wash up with water immediately after use. If screens are left with dried ink a special detergent blend can be used to soften the ink, prior to pressure washing.

SHELF LIFE - Indefinitely in tightly closed containers. Do not store below 5 C. Ink which has become frozen cannot be recovered. Ensure inks are resealed immediately after use. If the ink is exposed to the air for several hours a water insoluble skin may form. This must be carefully removed before use. If left in the ink, or an attempt is made to mix the skin into the ink, you will end up with un-dispersed material, which renders the ink useless.

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