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TYPE OF INK - Solvent based reflective ink. Reflective inks will look normal in daylight, but at night it will reflect light back to its source.

APPLICATION - On paper and board.

THINNERS - Upto 15% with aromatic hydrocarbon e.g.. (Shellsol A or Solvesso 100). For fast thinners xylene can be used. For slow thinners use Shellsol AB or Solvesso 150.

DRYING - By exposure to warm jet air e.g. at 60 C for 10 seconds.

ADHESION - Good on paper and board.

MESH - The correct deposit of colour can be obtained using mesh sizes from 49T.

COVERAGE - e.g. Upto 20-15 square metres/litre can be obtained with 49T mesh.

STENCILS - All types of solvent resistance stencil are suitable.

CLEANING THE SCREEN - Use thinners or multi-purpose screen wash.

SHELF LIFE -Indefinitely in tightly closed containers.

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