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TYPE OF INK - UV curing glitter Ink.

APPLICATION - On paper and board.

THINNERS - Upto 10% UV thinners UVV135 can be added..

DRYING - By exposure to UV high pressure mercury vapor lamps.

DRYING TIME - Using a two lamp machine belt speeds upto 35 metres per minute can be achieved.

ADHESION - Good to paper, board and screen printed materials. Test proofs should be carried out when overprint offset litho prints.

MESH - The correct deposit of ink can be obtained using a mesh size of 25T.

COVERAGE - Upto 10 square metres per litre.

STENCILS - Where direct emulsion systems are being used, the number of coatings should be kept to a minimum. This will ensure that the thinnest stencil film is obtained, and this will give low Ink deposits especially in fine detail areas. Where indirect stencil systems are to be employed use one of those now on the market which have beenspecially designed for UV printing.

CLEANING THE SCREEN - Screenwash should be used for washing up. As SCREEN, the inks have excellent screen stability.Screens should only require washing up at the end of the run. Screens can be left overnight provided they are protected from direct sunlight and covered up to prevent dust contamination.

SHELF LIFE - Minimum of six months.

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